Rage over rip-off – 200 euro fine for two hours of parking


Rage over rip-off – 200 euro fine for two hours of parking

Local was closed but the parking ban was still in effect. However, the requirements are not always correct.

A family from Central Carinthia was in for a nasty surprise when visiting Millstatt: “We wanted to eat at the steakhouse on Sunday. Unfortunately it was closed.” We parked anyway and stopped at another restaurant. Almost two weeks later, a letter from a lawyer fluttered into the house: 200.22 euros for trespassing! “I paid on the advice of a lawyer. A proud price for two hours of parking in front of a closed bar,” complains the person concerned.

Owner opposes accusations
However, local owner Robert Circovic defends himself: “The parking lot is private and only for guests. This is also well indicated. And of course that also applies when we are closed.”

case for the judiciary
However, such high demands are not always justified, as ÖAMTC lawyer Martin Hoffer argues: “The Vienna Regional Court for Civil Matters has issued a final decision. The costs for the legal reminder letter are capped.” In the specific case to which the verdict relates, 399 euros were demanded – but the judges only found just under 70 euros appropriate!

Source: Krone


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