Focus Actions – 44 fugitives caught on Nova Rock site


A lot is happening in Nickelsdorf in Burgenland right now. Not only the festival fans romp in the open air, more migrants also appear in large groups.

Hundreds of military and police officers on duty at the Austro-Hungarian state border currently face enormous challenges. As temperatures rise, so does the number of migrants entering Burgenland via illegal pathways. In addition to the Neusiedl am See district, the increased influx is concentrated in the Oberpullendorf region.

As soon as the day starts, the first reception centers are already filled with new migrants. 32 refugees marched together to Deutschkreutz in the early morning hours. There and in neighboring Nikitsch, 40 more border commuters followed in small and larger groups until 7 a.m.

About 1000 a week
“Within seven days, the number of detentions fluctuated between 900 and almost 1,300,” the military leadership said. Last week, exactly 988 migrants were registered.

At the same time, the police are stepping up the fight against people smugglers with cross-border campaigns, including immediate house searches and arrests of the perpetrators in Hungary.

Migrants at the Nova Rock site
44 refugees also caused a stir on Wednesday. They walked the grounds in Nickelsdorf, where the Nova Rock Festival officially kicks off with 225,000 attendees. At the same time, 30 migrants were arrested in Pamhagen.

Source: Krone


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