“L’amour toujours” – Gigi D’Agostino: How his love song is canceled


Entire generations danced and danced to the Italian star deejay’s stirring, apolitical and innocently catchy tune “L’amour toujours” – and now the song should be banned and banned because of some lost, right-wing radical mayhem? An inventory of the frenzied hysteria and the unbearable hijacking of things we hold dear.

The news hit hard on Monday: due to the rewriting of right-wing extremist rules by some drunken well-to-do boys on the island of Sylt, the organizers of the Oktoberfest do not even want to play the song “L’amour toujours” as a precaution. “We want to ban it and I will ban it,” Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner told dpa: “There is no place for all right-wing nonsense at Oktoberfest.”

Source: Krone


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