Where are the M1A1s? – What happened to the American tanks in Ukraine


The Ukrainian army had to wait even longer for the American M1A1 ‘Abrams’ main battle tank than for the German Leopard 2: the first examples arrived in Ukraine only in the autumn of 2023, and from early 2024 the American tanks were also spotted on the tank. battlefield. But they have now disappeared from the front again – and are being prepared for a comeback. Krone+ reveals what they’ve been upgraded to.

The American tanks arrived too late for the failed offensive last summer, but in the winter the Ukrainian army deployed the M1A1 to the front – and lost some. Photos document the destruction of five M1A1s; Kiev is said to have lost a total of eight. Russia is also believed to have captured two versions of the minesweeper. Of the 31 tanks from American stocks, there are apparently just over 20 left, which are no longer at the front, but are being converted for further use. ‘Frankenstein tanks’ are now being created based on Eastern and Western technology that are intended to better counter Putin’s army. We now have experience with the necessary adjustments…

Source: Krone


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