Hamas used tunnels – the Israeli army controls the border with Egypt


According to local media reports, the Israeli army has taken control of the part of the border with Egypt (see video above). There are believed to be about twenty tunnels in the area that Hamas used to smuggle weapons. It is said that some underground passages have been destroyed.

The Philadelphia Corridor area is approximately 9 miles long. On Wednesday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security adviser announced that three-quarters of the corridor was occupied. “Together with the Egyptians, we must ensure that arms smuggling is prevented.” There would be a total of 82 tunnel shafts in the area. The Egyptian government has reportedly been informed.

Rocket launcher discovered
The Israeli military says it has now discovered dozens of Hamas rocket launchers in the tunnel shafts. The information could not initially be independently verified.

During the operation in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army also goes from house to house looking for weapons. On Wednesday, three members of the armed forces were killed in an explosion in a building in Rafah. According to the army, many buildings are equipped with deadly booby traps.

Border crossing taken over
In early May, Israeli forces advanced on parts of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. There they took over the only border crossing to Egypt on the Palestinian side. With hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons, the military operation has come under international criticism.

Source: Krone


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