Traffic jam for Corpus Christi – The horror of May on the A10 was heavy


The traffic jam on the Tauern Autobahn started to become a nuisance again before the long weekend in Corpus Christi. And: the trembling over the returning travelers has begun.

The journey on the Tauernautobahn from Puch to the tunnel construction site in Golling took a maximum of three hours on Wednesday. Traffic clubs reported 16 kilometers of traffic jams. There was also no progress in the neighborhoods along the A10. A photo that appeared several times in May and will appear again in the coming days. The focus just needs to shift to Pongau and the return journey. The Pentecost holidays in Bavaria end after Corpus Christi.

“It had been going on for us since early in the morning, but that was to be expected,” says Thomas Freylinger (ÖVP), local boss of Kuchler. Herbert Hartl needed more than 40 minutes to drive a short distance. “I let my kids get out. They got home faster than I did,” says the irritated Kuchl entrepreneur.

Corpus Christi procession despite traffic jams
A security service now monitors the closure of municipal roads. “We ensure that we always keep one road to Golling and one to Hallein free for emergency vehicles,” said Mayor Freylinger.

Corpus Christi processions are scheduled today in both Kuchl and Golling. “This is part of it and a tradition,” says Martin Dietrich, SPÖ mayor of Golling. “Only the weather, and not the traffic jam, determines how we walk through the market.”

In Pongau, people are already looking forward to next Sunday with great anticipation. After the traffic jam on Mother’s Day, this return journey will probably also be a burden. “It will probably be extreme on Sunday,” says Pfarrwerfen’s local boss Bernhard Weiß (ÖVP). “I cannot rule out that alternative traffic will then roll back via freight routes, through the driving ban and then through our city center,” says Weiß.

Source: Krone


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