Summer Focus – What’s a threat now to inconsiderate food delivery drivers


Nobody wants to exchange things with them so quickly: the bicycle couriers who brave rain, snow, traffic jams or sub-zero temperatures in the urban jungle day after day to quickly deliver the ordered food to the hungry people. You can read here why the Linz police are now devoting a summer focus to delivery drivers.

What was a blessing for many people during the pandemic due to the restrictions, is currently leading to more and more complaints and reports and, according to Linz Vice President Martin Hajart, is increasingly becoming a curse for urban transport: “Relentless delivery couriers – by bicycle, e-bikes and , more recently, ‘mini-mopeds’ – are increasingly shaping the cityscape and causing nuisance. The bicycle couriers often drive their vehicles on sidewalks, drive against the direction of travel on bicycle paths, move quickly in pedestrian areas and drive relatively too fast.”

Source: Krone


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