Saved with a jump – drove towards the police: drunk driver arrested


After the police tried to arrest a driver in Vienna-Favoriten on Monday evening, he rushed towards an officer. The police officer was able to save himself at the last moment by jumping out of the way. Then the chase began: the driver was caught.

The operation took place on Laaer-Berg-Straße. The driver ignored the request to stop and drove towards an officer. After the police officer managed to escape by jumping out of the way, the pursuit began.

Hissing garbage cans hidden
According to Vienna police, the driver parked his car on Kronawettagasse and fled on foot. After a short time the fugitive was caught and arrested. “He had previously tried to hide between garbage cans in a bush,” police spokesman Markus Dittrich said.

The arrested man, a 33-year-old Austrian, did not have a valid driver’s license. He was also drunk: he had 1.3 per mille in his blood. Moreover, the man still had open administrative avenues.

Source: Krone


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