Inflammatory speech in state parliament – Before the Alko crash with Tesla, Blauer criticizes electric cars


There was widespread anger after it emerged that an FPÖ representative from Lower Austria had destroyed his Tesla while drunk on Vienna’s North Bridge. Even before the 28-year-old collided with another car on Friday evening, he was lying on the rim. Spicy: In the state parliament in St. Pölten, Michael Sommer previously criticized electric vehicles. The “Krone” has the video.

On the Monday after the EU elections, Liberal party leaders gathered to celebrate in St. Pölten. In the afternoon, a white Tesla with green Vienna E license plates was parked in front of the head office on Purkersdorferstrasse. It is not known who owns the electric car. But one person was probably not behind the wheel: Michael Sommer, representative of the FPÖ state parliament, had to surrender his driver’s license on Friday after an alcohol accident.

Crash was followed by sorry
The 28-year-old, who is also chairman of the Blue Youth Party in Lower Austria, was naturally remorseful after the embarrassing incident. Apart from the heartfelt apology, the Weinviertler remained remarkably calm. Before destroying his Tesla in Vienna after a private party, Sommer attracted attention with an inflammatory speech against electric cars.

“Preach water and drink wine”
There was a lot of malice online and many ‘Krone’ readers couldn’t contain themselves with their comments. Above all, the fact that the Freedom Party was traveling in an electric vehicle from an American manufacturer attracted ridicule: “As an FPÖ man, he should really be driving a Russian diesel,” said one user. Another grinned, referring to the politician’s alcoholism: “He was really blue.”

A forum participant explains why you should actually call the person affected by his full name: “As a politician you are in the public eye. That’s just the way it is. If you want to be part of the law, you have to act like it. But unfortunately that is not always the case. With all parties.”

Tesla driver gave inflammatory speech against electric cars
But back to Michael Sommer, who was largely unknown to the general public before his unfortunate accident in Vienna. And this despite the fact that he is not only a municipal councilor in his hometown of Hollabrunn, but has also been a member of the state parliament for the FPÖ for over a year. There he attracted attention with his critical comments about the supply chain law, which is intended to hold companies in the EU liable for the social and ecological effects of their production.

There, true to the blue party line, he also demonized electromobility and equated the production of electric cars with child labor and environmental pollution. At the time, however, he preferred not to mention that the financial advisor himself – reportedly the only FPÖ member of the state parliament – ​​drives a Tesla.

The entire video can be viewed on the homepage of the Lower Austrian state parliament.

Source: Krone


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