Animal rights activists were outraged: complaints once again point to flaws in the system


Sad images and frightening reports about abuses on farms are not an everyday occurrence, but they do regularly reach the public. The fact that money is also collected for animal abuse causes misunderstanding.

The latest case is alarming: a farmer in the municipality of Berg im Attergau (Vöcklabruck district) had his 105 cattle seized last week. Of these, 94 animals had to be slaughtered, ten of which had to be slaughtered on site.

As the Pfotenhilfe association has now learned, the man also receives AMA financing of 24,300 euros annually. Part of the amount is also compensation for “animal protection measures” of 4,250 euros. This is a complete mockery of other farmers who care for their animals in an exemplary and self-sacrificing way. “After a legally binding judgment, there may be a refund,” said AMA spokesperson Harald Waitschacher in response to a “Krone” request.

“The AMA should regularly monitor the companies to which it pays these subsidies for compliance with the subsidy guidelines. Do people consciously look the other way or do they not check at all?” Pfotenhilfe spokesperson Jürgen Stadler questions the system.

Abuse in fattening pigs
Styrian animal protection spokesman Georg Schwarzl also confronted state councilor Schmiedtbauer today during the session of the state parliament with a question about animal suffering. In concrete terms, this concerned their response to a request from the Greens in March after new complaints were discovered at a pig farm in Styria.

“What is the state government doing about animal suffering?” the spokesperson for the Animal Protection Society wanted to know. However, from his point of view, the answer was not very satisfactory, because the State Council did not provide concrete facts about animal welfare controls under the guise of data protection. “The ÖVP has no vision or will when it comes to improvements in livestock farming,” said Schwarzl.

The office of State Councilor Schmiedtbauer says: “With the exception of a few questions, they have of course all been answered in as much detail as possible. However, questions that allow conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the data subject based on the nature of the question cannot be answered.”

In his speech, MEP Schwarzl called for urgent improvements to general conditions for farmers so that they can produce in an animal welfare-friendly manner. He also cited a recent Greenpeace study showing that up to 90 percent of pork in local supermarkets comes from factory farms, and that quality marks do not guarantee that all animal welfare criteria are met.

“My approach to politics is: let’s see what changes are needed.There is an urgent need for improvements in animal welfare, for example when it comes to the ban on fully slatted floors and information for consumers about the agricultural conditions under which their food is produced. In any case, we Greens will continue to work for this in the future!”, concluded the Styrian.

Source: Krone


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