Seriously injured – Young duo robbed students on the playground


On Monday evening, deserted scenes unfolded in a playground in Feldkirchen. Two young Carinthians beat a 13-year-old boy and stole his jewelry. The man from Feldkirch suffered serious injuries in the attack and had to be taken to hospital.

A 14-year-old, disguised in a balaclava, attacked the 13-year-old on the playground. He hit his victim several times in the face and upper body with his fist. “The masked man also threatened to kill the 13-year-old with a knife and forced him not to call the police,” the Carinthian State Police Directorate said.

Jewelry has been stolen
While the 14-year-old from Feldkirch attacked his frightened victim, an 18-year-old from St. Veiter asked the student to hand over his jewelry. The Feldkirchner complied with the request. Only then did the two perpetrators let go of the student and flee.

“The injured 13-year-old ran home after the crime, where he received first aid from the rescue team and was taken to the Klagenfurt clinic with serious injuries,” police said.

Shortly after the incident, officers were able to track down and arrest the two perpetrators. They were taken to Klagenfurt prison on the orders of the public prosecutor.

Source: Krone


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