On overpass, the railway excavator overturned and broke the sound barrier


On overpass, the railway excavator overturned and broke the sound barrier

An incident that was as dangerous as it was spectacular during track work in the Tyrolean Lower Inntal ended on a low note on Friday. Pieces of concrete fell on a car, but fortunately no one was injured.

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Friday, the police received several reports of concrete pieces falling on the Austraße in Fritzens. During track relocation work near the railway underpass, a local excavator operator (47) moved parts of the railway sleepers with the swing arm, tilted the device to the side, broke through a noise barrier and placed it in an inclined position.

Parts fell on cars
Falling parts fell on the hood of a car. The car, which drove under the railway line, was only slightly damaged, the driver emerged shaken. The excavator operator was also unharmed.

Railway closed
In order to build up the excavator, the railway line was briefly closed to train traffic towards Kufstein.

Source: Krone


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