In a hotel restaurant – robots move as waiters on the Turrach


Artificial intelligence in the form of a robot now supports the service personnel of the Hotel Hochschober in Carinthia.

This year the Leeb family celebrates their 20th anniversary as owners of Hotel Hochschober on the Turracherhöhe. The resort was therefore not only thoroughly renovated – a total of 6.7 million euros was invested in construction work and optimizing energy efficiency – the employees also received charming technical support from two service cats.

“We decided that together with our entire restaurant team,” says hotel owner Karin Leeb: “They support our service team in clearing the many tables. Our employees no longer have to carry such heavy loads and have more time for individual guest care.”

Named after Aristocats
The “BellaBot” serving robots have a cat face and speak 20 languages. Leeb: “We named the two helpers Duchesse and Marie – after the names of the cats in the Disney movie Aristocats.” The duo was programmed to move from the restaurant to the washing-up area.

“But Duchesse and Marie dodge the guests quite independently and quietly”, Leeb adds: “We opted for two stations without stairs and ramps.” By the way: the hotel is currently fully booked. All 110 employees are working at full capacity.

Source: Krone


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