Shocking video on mobile phone – Instructions for attack: Chechen (17) in sight


Shocking video on mobile phone – Instructions for attack: Chechen (17) in sight

A shocking video was found on the mobile phone of a young violent perpetrator. The Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Criminal Investigation Department are conducting an investigation.

He is only 17 years old, but he is already an old acquaintance in the courtroom and behind bars – for the Viennese police, a young Chechen is considered a so-called intensive offender with a serious criminal record. He has already racked up numerous previous convictions for violent and property crimes in his young criminal career.

When the young criminal’s cell phone was seized and analyzed in a new case, even the investigators, who were hardened when it came to juvenile crime, were shocked: the 17-year-old was instructed on a video on how to kill it stab. !

Brutal shooting game
Just like in a brutal first-person shooter video game, you see a hand wielding a large knife and stabbing it repeatedly. You practically practice where and how the weapon should enter the body to inflict the greatest possible injuries or even kill the potential victim! And this just a few days after the shocking attack by an Afghan on a police officer on the sidelines of the appearance of a right-wing Islam critic in the city of Mannheim, which continues to affect the whole of Germany.

29-year-old officer Rouven Laur did not survive the murderous attack. He died in hospital after being in a coma for several days due to massive stab wounds to the head and neck. But even after his death, he still saves many lives as an organ donor.

Internet profile with cat photo and army camouflage colors
In any case, the extremely dangerous Viennese Chechen poses warrior-like on his internet profile in military camouflage colors, his head is covered with an innocent photo of a cat. The young teen also has his own rap channel.

The National Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Public Prosecution Service are now investigating the 17-year-old suspect. It’s a race against time to prevent the next deadly knife attack…

Source: Krone


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