Human rights activist: – “Children in Russian camps severely punished”


Human rights activist: – “Children in Russian camps severely punished”

Ukrainian human rights activists accuse Russia of kidnapping around 20,000 children since the start of the war (see video above). The children would be deceived and indoctrinated. It is said that attempts are being made to erase their Ukrainian identity.

“The children are forbidden to speak Ukrainian or show Ukrainian symbols. Children will be severely punished if they refuse to sing the Russian national anthem,” Mykola Kuleba, head of the Save Ukraine foundation, said on Saturday. This happened to an eight-year-old girl who was sent to a Russian camp.

Names and dates of birth changed
Russian authorities would change the names and dates of birth of the children, Kuleba said during the Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland. His organization has so far returned 373 minors, many of whom have exhibited trauma.

The Russian government rejected the kidnapping accusation and said it had brought vulnerable children from the war zone to safety.

The attacks at the front continued
Despite the peace conference, Russian troops continued their attacks on various parts of the front on Saturday. They were supported by the air force. According to Ukrainian information, all attacks in the southeast of the country were repulsed. “Our boys are doing well,” they said.

However, six deaths were reported in Russia’s Belgorod border region. Four of them were recovered from the rubble of a multi-storey residential building, Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry said. A man in a car was hit by a Ukrainian drone and a woman was killed by rocket fire.

On the Ukrainian side, at least four people have been killed and five others injured since Friday. Administrative buildings, a private home, a shop and several cars were damaged.

Source: Krone


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