Nighttime riots – Vienna: Police officers help woman – and are spat at


Nighttime riots – Vienna: Police officers help woman – and are spat at

During a police operation on Sunday evening in Vienna-Meidling, a woman became aggressive and attacked officers – after they had given her first aid. The 33-year-old later continued to riot. She was arrested.

The police were alerted on Saturday evening because a woman allegedly caused riots in an apartment building in the twelfth arrondissement. When police reached the house, they found a 33-year-old Austrian woman lying on the floor with minor injuries to her hands.

Woman suddenly became aggressive
Officers administered first aid and made the woman sit up. Suddenly, the 33-year-old became aggressive and declared that she had infectious diseases. As a result, she became uncooperative, insulted the police officers and tried to spit on them.

When the official act ended, the officers asked the woman to leave the location. The Austrian complied with this request.

Bumped into a car with a shopping cart
Shortly afterwards, the police were alerted again because a woman allegedly drove a shopping cart into a parked car. It turned out that the woman was 33 years old. She was subsequently temporarily arrested and is in police custody.

The woman was reported for damage to property and suspicion of attempting to intentionally endanger people with communicable diseases, police said. She also faces various administrative costs.

Source: Krone


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