Sustainable on the road – Also pay attention to sustainability during a picnic


Sustainable on the road – Also pay attention to sustainability during a picnic

The warm weather invites you to eat outside. The picnic basket is taken out of the cupboard, fresh pastries are provided, the spreads are packaged, the vegetables are cut.

If you enjoy your food in nature, sustainability should be even more important than anywhere else,” Martina Hohenlohe is convinced, “apart from the fact that you should under no circumstances leave waste at the picnic area, the packaging is also a problem that needs to be reconsidered The editor of Gault & Millau only comes up with spreads in glasses. Hohenlohe also relies on glass for drinks, reusable to be precise.
Glass bottles as a more sustainable option
“I simply taste better drinks in glass bottles than in plastic. Experiencing this pleasure during a picnic is, as it were, double the pleasure, because sustainability is also a given.” However, the pleasure expert has one important tip: “Don’t forget the cool bag, it’s not just cola that tastes the most refreshing. frozen.”

For this reason, the food blogger from “Martins Kochsalon” likes to pack the 0.4 liter reusable glass bottle of Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. “The best part is: they come with a screw cap – extremely practical for on the go and therefore the perfect companion for a picnic.”

The promotion of reusable bottles is just one measure that Coca-Cola Austria has taken in the field of sustainability. An overview of the numerous international and national initiatives and steps can be found HERE.

Source: Krone


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