Akanji, Switzerland’s insurmountable wall claimed the Euro Cup


Akanji, Switzerland’s insurmountable wall claimed the Euro Cup

To find the star of a team, we usually look at the attack, but for some of them it can be found in the rearguard. A good example of this is Switzerland, a team that is impossible to understand without Manuel Akanji, the central defender of Manchester City who supports the Swiss team and this Wednesday is important so that they do not lose to Scotland (1-1).

Akanji’s performance was so good that he was named the MVP of the match. Even his teammate Shaqiri, who scored what promises to be one of the best goals of the Euro Cup, couldn’t take it away from him. Their numbers speak for themselves. Akanji, as the leader of the defence, achieved a 92% pass success rate (49 out of 53), showing that he completed 5 of the 8 he attempted and made a total of 5 clearances, which was key to preventing danger in his place in every game in every attempt by Scotland.

Looking forward to the third day of the group stage, Akanji will once again be at the center of Switzerland’s defense even though that match will be a real test for him: the Swiss team will face none other than Germany .

Source: La Verdad


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