In Gasen, Styria, little Jona was almost born in a helicopter


In Gasen, Styria, little Jona was almost born in a helicopter

An exciting day in Gasen, Eastern Styria: within an hour, little Jona was born. The requested crew of the Christophorus 17 rescue helicopter had already landed, but the flight to the hospital was no longer possible. An air rescuer and the overjoyed mother talk about the surprise birth.

It could have been an unspectacular Thursday morning in quiet Gasen: “We were on our way to my parents, the birth had not really been announced,” says Kerstin Pöllabauer. But around noon came the surprise: her waters broke!

Pöllabauer’s family – her son and her husband were there – immediately called for help. After their first labor lasted 17 hours, they took it easy, not knowing it would only last an hour this time. Because apparently little Jonah was in a hurry.

The entire crew helped with the birth
“The rescue arrived after 15 minutes, but the child’s head was already visible,” said the 27-year-old. Now it had to go quickly, the contractions were already three minutes apart. The ambulance crew quickly called for a helicopter and an emergency doctor. Eleven minutes later, pilot Thomas Leitold, emergency physician Philip Kreuzer and air rescuer Michael Sollfellner arrived on the scene as the crew of the Christophorus 17.

“When we landed, the birth was already in full swing. Flying to the hospital would no longer have been possible,” says flight rescuer Sollfellner. And so they quickly became midwives. “Three contractions and the baby was there,” says the proud mother. birthplace Gasen; Birth time 12.45 pm June 13, 2024. Her little Jona was awake – and she was very happy.

The umbilical cord was quickly cut and the mother and her newborn baby were transferred to the helicopter to fly to the LKH Leoben. “I was full of adrenaline,” says Pöllabauer. And Sollfellner says: “I have been working in the rescue service for twenty years. These are the few beautiful missions that we are allowed to experience.” For Pöllabauer it was also the first contact with the rescue operation – and then it was so overwhelming. “That was crazy. We are super, super grateful,” says the mother of two.

Source: Krone


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