Help for Orphans – Two Girls Now Completely Without Their ‘Mother’


Help for Orphans – Two Girls Now Completely Without Their ‘Mother’

Two half-sisters are faced with a heavy blow of fate. Her mother was suddenly taken from her life. Now the siblings have to try to survive on their own. Volkshilfe wants to help them financially.

They are only 15 and 19, but the two half-sisters from Pinkafeld have a heavy burden to bear. Her mother is suddenly no longer there. No friendly smile in the morning, no caring questions. The 42-year-old woman fell into a coma after a brain hemorrhage. Almost two weeks ago, the siblings had to say goodbye to their “mom”. Forever!

Sisters should be given a home
The painful loss hits the two daughters particularly hard. The eldest has already lost her father. Only the 15-year-old’s ‘father’ can still see to it that everything goes well. Otherwise, the sisters are on their own. Now they have to maintain the house themselves.

Account frozen
Shocked by fate, the two face an uncertain future. You are without money. After the tragic death, the mother’s bank account was frozen. Friends of the deceased quickly intervened and gave the children a little over € 1,000, so that they could at least buy the necessary items.

Volkshilfe is involved
At the initiative of municipal councillor Sigrid Tallian from the community’s social committee, Volkshilfe now supports the siblings. The youngest wants to go to the Ortweinschule in Graz and to a boarding school there. The 19-year-old, who has just finished high school and is now an orphan, wants to study.

Please help
“They are both so strong that we want to give them a little financial help,” says President Verena Dunst, asking the “Krone” family for support.

Source: Krone


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