Sanofi Booster: strong immune response against ommicron


According to the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi’s Covid-19 booster generates a strong immune response against several variants of the virus – including Omicron. Meanwhile, vaccine maker Biontech wants an international strategy for tailoring vaccines.

The French pharmaceutical company, which is developing the vaccine together with GlaxoSmitKline, announced that the Sanofi booster achieved a stronger immune response than the Biontech booster vaccination in people who received their primary immunization with the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer.

The next-generation vaccine was well tolerated, it said. Full study results will be published in the coming weeks, and Sanofi hopes the booster will be approved later this year.

All clear for Omicron sub-variant BA.5
Biontech boss Ugur Sahin has since released everything given the high infectivity of the omicron subvariant BA.5 of the coronavirus. “In Africa, it has already been seen that the BA.5 wave did not develop the dynamics that existed with the original Omikron variant,” Sahin told Handelsblatt. However, he criticized the lack of an “internationally coordinated strategy” for the fall vaccination campaign.

“We need to know early enough to which variant – for example BA.2 or BA.4/5 – we should adapt and produce the corona vaccines for the coming infection season,” says Sahin. The authorities could orientate themselves on the established mechanisms in other diseases.

“There is an established system that we know about adapting flu vaccines,” says the boss of Biontech. In principle, with the coronavirus – similar to the flu – booster vaccinations with modified vaccines are always necessary, says Sahin.

The boss of Biontech also sees the mRNA technology, which has proven itself in corona vaccines, as “one of the ideal drug technologies for oncology”. Biontech has approximately 20 oncology programs in development. “Our goal is to bring the first cancer therapy products to market in the next three to five years.”

Source: Krone


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