Dog is the only witness; son allegedly cut off father’s penis


Dog is the only witness; son allegedly cut off father’s penis

A particularly bizarre case is currently causing horrors in North Rhine-Westphalia: a son (32) is said to have attacked his own father (66) in his home and cut off his penis and testicles. He is now in custody.

The crime against the lawyer from Herne had already taken place in February. As “Bild” reported, neighbors called 911 because the victim’s dog wouldn’t stop barking. Police arrived and found the 66-year-old lying in a pool of blood in bed, with his penis and testicles severed. Emergency surgery saved the man’s life.

The investigation was difficult. A homicide squad spent days securing evidence and searching the area for genitals, but to no avail. Apart from the dachshund “Kalli”, there were no witnesses because the victim’s wife was in a hospital at the time of the crime.

DNA betrays son
It wasn’t until four months later that the decisive turning point came: a confirmed DNA trace pointed to the 32-year-old son, even though he hadn’t been to his parents’ house for a long time. Detectives searched his apartment, where he lives with his partner, closed off half the street and arrested Moritz K.. The severed penis and testicles could not be found.

According to the report, police and prosecutors confirmed that a “close relative” had been arrested. The Dortmund man, who has been in custody for two weeks, has remained silent during questioning so far. The prosecution is investigating attempted murder and serious bodily harm.

Source: Krone


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