Wedding Cancelled – Drug Investigators Crash Wedding: Groom in Custody


Wedding Cancelled – Drug Investigators Crash Wedding: Groom in Custody

Handcuffs instead of wedding rings! They were already standing in front of the wedding hall of the Linz city hall, ready to say their vows. But then suddenly and in a rather unromantic way, police officers showed up and prevented a couple from getting married. The reason: the groom was wanted for drug offenses and has since been arrested.

After extensive investigation into the trade in herbal cannabis and cocaine, a court-approved arrest warrant was obtained for the 31-year-old suspect, who was wanted in Germany and previously untraceable. This could happen on Tuesday – a few minutes before the planned wedding.

Drugs as a wedding gift
Directly in front of the wedding hall of the new town hall in Linz, the groom was arrested by officers of the Linz drug squad with the support of the special unit EGS. The arrested man, in whose possession a special wedding gift in the form of several Mundidol capsules with morphine was seized, confessed to drug trafficking during his interrogation.

Financing your own addiction
After his release from prison in November 2023, he stated that he had sold a total of about one kilogram of cannabis herb in the Volksgarten in Linz to finance his opiate addiction. The 31-year-old, who also partially revealed his buyers and sources of supply, was taken to Linz prison.

Best man also arrested
There was another notable side issue to the arrest: a 49-year-old man appeared as a witness and had been wanted for weeks on a court warrant.

Source: Krone


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