Human trafficking – 233 asylum seekers exploited to the letter


They didn’t know they were being taken advantage of. However, it was clear to them that if they rebelled, they would be out of a job. In Pöndorf, district of Vöcklabruck (Upper Austria), a human trafficker has exploited 233 Iraqi asylum seekers to the letter.

The brain behind the ‘company’ where the 233 asylum seekers worked as false self-employed and did not even know that it was a 63-year-old German. He gave the people work, but did not tell them that they traveled on their own account, but paid them a gross wage of 9.50 euros per hour. There were no charges for services from about 5pm.

They also had to travel at their own expense to the workshops in Carinthia or Vorarlberg.

The middleman collected the difference
And they were assigned jobs that they weren’t even allowed to do as asylum seekers: cashier or even security service at football and ice hockey games, although some Iraqis didn’t speak a word of German. They received a mediated hourly wage of a maximum of 16.50 euros, the difference with the 9.50 euros for the asylum seeker was collected by the mediator.

police investigated
Because the brain was so unscrupulous, it is being examined for suspicion of human trafficking. He and his secretary (71) from Vienna, who did the accounts in the background, are reported.

Source: Krone


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