Fighting in Eastern Ukraine – Russian soldiers “die en masse”


The Russian army continues to attack the former city of Sievjerodonetsk – thousands have fled – but has so far failed to take the important administrative center. However, the invaders captured territory southeast of the city “by shelling and storms,” ​​the Ukrainian General Staff said. However, Russian forces would fail to gain full control of the highway between Lysychansk and Bakhmut, Luhansk governor Serhiy Hajday said. They would “die in huge numbers”.

The situation in Sievjerodonetsk is not comparable to that in Mariupol, because the city can still be “supplied with everything that is needed”. According to the Ukrinform news agency, Hajdaj said civilians holed up there would refuse to leave Asot’s chemical plant.

Gas works hit by rockets
According to Ukrainian sources, a gas factory in the Izyum district has been hit by Russian missiles. A major fire broke out and rescue teams are being deployed, the governor of the Kharkov region wrote. A fuel depot is said to have been hit in Novomoskovsk in eastern Ukraine.

According to local authorities, rockets have fallen in the city of Kryvji Rih in central Ukraine. The authorities announced on the short message service Telegram that at least two victims have been killed. A neighborhood in the south of the city was hit. Kryvyi Rih is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Conversely, the separatists in Donetsk reported that civilians had been killed and wounded by artillery shelling on the city.

Zelenskyi visited the Southern Front
Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions in the south of the country. Zelenskyy inspected ruins in Mykolayiv and handed out medals after a briefing. Later, the president also visited strongholds of the National Guard in the Odessa region and decorated soldiers there as well.

Meanwhile, Ukraine wants to join the European Union as soon as possible. Selenskyj emphasized the value this would also have for the EU. “Our rapprochement with the European Union is not only positive for us,” he said in his video speech in Kiev. “This is the biggest contribution to the future of Europe in many years.” In an interview with the German news agency, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported Ukraine’s ambitions for EU membership. At the same time, he called for internal reforms in the Union to make it expandable.

Scholz: Putin has loaded himself with “terrible guilt”.
Two days after his trip to Ukraine, Scholz made serious allegations against Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. He was charged with “terrible guilt”. It’s “something different when you see the devastation with your own eyes and feel for yourself that people died in one place, that there were families in the cars that were in ruins there who wanted to flee and were brutally shot,” he said. the German chancellor.

He also called on Russia to give in to the dispute over Ukraine’s grain exports and build a corridor through the Black Sea. “It cannot be that the grain ships leave the Ukrainian ports and the Russian warships go to the ports.”

Source: Krone


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