Found in a pool of blood – under suspicion after the death of Jäger Mühlviertlerin


In Reichenthal in Upper Austria, a fighter (38) died after being shot in the head. Now the investigations are going “in all directions”, and a chance acquaintance is also caught by the detectives.

At least for the people of Reichenthal, the mysterious death of a fighter (38) is almost solved, even though there are two camps in the market town of Mühlviertel. It was either a tragic accident – or a murder!

As reported, after a pleasant evening with neighbors in a log cabin, the hunter took a chance acquaintance (24) from a neighboring town house.

Shot dead after midnight
Suddenly, half an hour after midnight, a shot. When the frightened woman came out of the toilet, the construction machinery mechanic was in the living room with a severely bleeding head wound – or so the woman from the Mühlviertel said. The emergency doctor tried to resuscitate the dying man, but there was no rescue for him.

Death was classified as “poor”.
As the cause of death is unclear and police labeled the bloody death “questionable”, authorities were moved, Linz’s prosecutor’s office ordered an autopsy and both the 24-year-old’s corpse and hands were examined for traces of smoke. According to the authorities, the results were not yet available on Saturday.

No evidence of suicidal intent
According to the relatives of the deceased, there were no indications of a suicidal mood. The fighter was considered absolutely reliable. Theoretically, a shot could have been fired when the Walther PPK 7.65mm was put down. Or — this version is bubbling in the rumor mill — there was a scuffle between the 38-year-old and his acquaintance until the bullet found its target.

“It is being investigated in all directions,” says Ulrike Breiteneder of the Linz public prosecutor’s office.

Source: Krone


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