Home beatings – school violence: mother sees failure of authorities


The daughter beats up, the husband insults, accusations of racism: it bubbles up at a secondary school in Innsbruck. The affected mother complains about the inaction of the authorities. A report has been made to the police. According to the school, the situation is “a little more difficult”.

Since May, a mother of three in Innsbruck has been trying to improve the apparently tense situation at the school by transferring a student. The report of the horror: “On Friday, May 6, a classmate of my son was beaten up by A. in the NMS. At the school gate, my husband and father were verbally attacked by this classmate of this A. when we picked up the children,” describes the mother.

The following Monday, the principal was personally informed and promised that A. would receive extracurricular lessons: “But on Thursday he was back to normal in class.”

Police report followed
“After class at 6pm, my son picked up his two sisters. On the way home they were then beaten up by A. and my son had to keep an eye on everything. We then reported it to the police and drove to the emergency room.” The next day another appointment with the director to file a report. “But there is no action. I went to the board of the state school, where I got the answer that there is nothing I can do, that the student would be suspended.” Only the director could do that, so far there has been no message.

“Then later a call from the school psychology service for an interview on Tuesday (May 17). A. was not at school on Friday. Back to the principal on Monday, A. can continue to school, they can’t do anything. Now my son has to be in the same class What else needs to happen before someone takes action?” The mother turned to a relative, SPÖ club president Helmut Buchacher, which set all the levers in motion, and in any case received a letter from the Education Directorate.

“A lot of switching”
In a letter to SP city party chairman Helmut Buchacher, the education department states that it “condemns and prosecutes every form of violence at school”. This year, “numerous suspensions have already been handed out by students for acts of violence and endangering others”. In this particular case, however, the situation is “slightly more difficult”.

Take care of all children
“In fact, it is difficult to determine who really is the perpetrator and who is the victim, especially as the now-violent student has long faced massive racial slurs and insults because of his skin color and origin.” You must pay attention to the well-being of all children. The focus is therefore on “solving the whole problem”. The case is “currently well processed” in the school.

Source: Krone


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