Chaos at Eurowings – flight cancelled: also problems for holidaymakers in Tyrol


Chaos at Eurowings – flight cancelled: also problems for holidaymakers in Tyrol

Not only in Salzburg, but also at Innsbruck airport, Eurowings passengers were stranded on Sunday after the Lufthansa subsidiary canceled a flight to Calabria. About 100 vacationers were affected. Now there must be replacement flights.

It was an unpleasant surprise that brought an abrupt end to holiday anticipation. Eurowings canceled flights to and from Salzburg at short notice on Sunday. In the meantime, about 500 passengers were stranded at Salzburg airport. In some cases, they were not notified of the cancellation until en route to their flight. There were also outages on Saturday.

Only informed by the airline shortly before
The same fate befell Eurowings passengers at Innsbruck airport on Sunday: the flight to Lamezia Terme in Calabria (scheduled departure at 11:30 am) was canceled outright. The airport said the airline did not notify them until morning that part of the crew was missing.

Rebooked and special flight
About 100 passengers were affected by the cancellation of the charter flight offered by two tour operators. As a result, the tour operators took care of the stranded holidaymakers and looked for solutions. In one case, those affected were taken to Munich on Monday and rebooked. A special flight was organized at short notice for customers of the other tour operator.

All affected passengers now fell south for a day.

Air travelers must be prepared for problems
If you want to go on holiday by plane this summer, you definitely need good nerves, and not just in Austria: airports all over Europe are struggling with a staff shortage and a travel boom at the same time. If the problems at other airports spread to other destinations, it can also lead to flight delays and cancellations in this country.

Source: Krone


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