Victim bled profusely – long-lasting friendship ends in rape


Two old friends meet in Vienna. He from Slovakia, she from the city. But messing around in the apartment became bitter serious!

The suspect (29) tried to kiss the woman. She blocked. Then he began to undress her and raped the alleged girlfriend. So rough that she bled profusely. Only then did he let her go. In the Vienna court, the suspect knows for sure that she kissed him first. There was no sexual activity at all.

Brother’s classmate
The suspect knew the woman through his younger brother. She was an old schoolmate of his. A few years ago, she and the 29-year-old had a brief relationship. Since then we have written and met occasionally.

Clear opinion
He had no explanation for the DNA traces on the woman’s breasts and panties. “The report contradicts his version,” said the prosecutor. The verdict is 3 years in prison!

Source: Krone


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