European leaders approve Ukraine’s and Moldova’s candidatures for EU integration


The accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the European Union would take place in the long term and after the implementation of the structural reforms required by the European Commission.

Euskaraz irakurri: Europar Batasuneko agintariek Ukrainaren eta Moldavians integraziorako hautagaitzak onartu dituzte

European Union leaders agreed on Thursday Grant Ukraine and Moldova candidate country status join the European bloc. This is an unprecedented decision, as they have accepted the candidacy of a country at war and followed the advice of the European Commission, which endorsed taking this step last week.

However, to complete the accession process, both countries must structural reforms which the EC has demanded of them in terms of judicial independence, the fight against corruption and organized crime or in applying the law limiting the power of the oligarchs.

Georgia He also asked for candidate status for EU accession, but the European Council has so far failed to grant it.

The decision has been brought forward by the Luxembourg Prime Minister, Xavier Betelin a post on social media shortly before the President of the European Council, Charles Michaeland the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der LeyenThey will confirm it in two messages.

“Agreement. The European Council has just decided on the candidate country status for Ukraine and Moldova. A historic moment that marks a crucial step on their way to the EU,” Michel said in a message congratulating the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyand the Moldovan President, maia sandu “Our future is together,” he emphasized.

For his part, von der Leyen celebrated that “today is a good day for Europe” and he has congratulated Zelensky and Sandu, as well as Georgia, a country whose European perspective they recognize but are calling for more structural reforms before taking the next step. “Your countries are part of the European family and the historic decision of the leaders confirms this,” he said.

The granting of the status is a “historic fact at a time when we are living in this war decided by Russia against Ukraine,” French President Emmanuel Macron stressed.

The speed with which the EU has accepted Ukraine’s and Moldova’s candidatures is in stark contrast to the deadlock in the accession process with the Western Balkanswith whose leaders the EU heads of state and government also met this morning, without a clear path forward.

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Source: EITB


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