Fire under control – smoke column at Werndorf: fire on factory site


A major fire in a machine hall in Werndorf is currently keeping the fire service in the south of Graz busy. The smoke columns can be seen for miles. According to the fire service, the fire is “significant but under control”.

The smoke columns above Werndorf were clearly visible from the Autobahn on Monday afternoon. Numerous eyewitnesses contacted emergency services and feared the worst.

The fire broke out in the afternoon on the site of an industrial installation for insulation material. Why is still completely unclear. A warehouse and a silo are currently on fire. According to an initial report there was even a risk of explosion.

But the fire brigade was quickly on site and area fire chief Gernot Reiter was able to give the first cautious all-clear at the request of “Krone”. “Although the fire is significant, everything is under control. The chimney effect created smoke that looks worse than it is.”

Police say there are currently no indications that anyone was in the hall or injured. However, during the extinguishing work, a firefighter was slightly injured – he suffered minor burns and light flue gas poisoning. The extinguishing activities – a total of 228 men from 18 fire brigades are present – are still in full swing.

Source: Krone


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