“Miracle” from Bregenz – Two girls came under parked cars


Two girls aged five and six were incredibly lucky on Monday evening in Bregenz. The children at play fell under the car of a 29-year-old as they maneuvered out of a parking lot, but were virtually unharmed.

At about 6pm, a 29-year-old got into his parked car, as the man approached his car from the left, he did not notice that the two girls were playing in the back right of the car. The 29-year-old first drove backwards (past the girls) out of the parking lot and then – as the children playing were below the driver’s line of sight – forwards.

Blessing in disguise
Both children got under the vehicle, but were not run over because they were fortunately between the wheels. Finally, realizing something was wrong, the driver got out of the vehicle and discovered that the two girls were underneath the vehicle.

scrapes and bruises
With the help of passers-by, who lifted the car together with the driver, both girls were removed from under the car. The injured children suffered abrasions and bruises and were taken by ambulance to Bregenz State Hospital. Fortunately, no internal injuries were found. An alcohol test on the steering wheel was negative.

Source: Krone


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