They find alive in a sewer a German boy who had been missing for eight days


They find alive in a sewer a German boy who had been missing for eight days

The little boy was found by a passerby who heard his howling

The German city of Oldenburg, with 170,000 inhabitants located in the northwest of the country, experienced a small miracle this week. Joe, an eight-year-old boy, was found in a sewer last Saturday after being missing for eight days. The most likely option the researchers are considering, as they explained in a statement, is that the little boy entered a drain near his home while playing and, as he progressed through the pipes, lost his orientation.

The little boy, named Joe, was found nearly 300 yards from his home, completely naked and with symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia, for which he was taken to hospital. No details about his health condition have been released at this time.

After the discovery, a specialist company inspected the area with robots that found various items of clothing belonging to the minor. During his harrowing journey, Joe was able to stand up in some areas due to the size of the pipes, although some other areas were barely more than two feet in diameter. A passerby raised the alarm when he heard something like a wail coming from the ground. The officers lifted the lid of the sewer and there they found the minor.

It was eight days of tormented search. According to CNN, the boy disappeared on June 17. The police mobilized hundreds of officers and some volunteers also took part. Police call the rescue “absolute luck.” For the time being, it is excluded that third parties were involved

Source: La Verdad


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