Investigations started – mass vaccination 90 Covid vaccinations given


A 60-year-old in Germany is said to have had himself vaccinated against Corona almost 90 times since the summer of 2021 in Saxon vaccination centers. He is suspected of having falsified vaccination cards and sold them to third parties. The police are investigating the unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and forgery, a spokeswoman for the Leipzig police said on Sunday. According to her, the Eilenburg vaccination center ended in early March when the man was recognized.

“There were inconsistencies, he was there for vaccination the day before,” the spokeswoman said. Several blank vaccination cards and his health card were seized and criminal proceedings were initiated. “But he hasn’t been arrested.”

Registered every time
The man from Magdeburg had been spotted for the first time in the vaccination center in Dresden shortly before, a spokesman for the German Red Cross (DRK) said on request on Saturday. “We noted that, informed the other vaccination centers and asked to call the police if he showed up.” He always registered with his real name and details and – verifiable in the system – got kicked about 90 times in Saxon vaccination centers.

Police say he took several vaccines.

Up to three injections per day
Chemnitz’s “Freie Presse” had reported that the mass vaccinated had received up to three injections on some days. He appeared at several vaccination centers with a new blank vaccination card. The outside of the real passports, on which the patient’s name is written, should have been replaced after the injection with another blank document and the vaccination certificate with the real batch numbers of the doses falsified in this way should have been sold to opponents of vaccination .

Leipzig police gave no information about the man’s proceedings. There is also no knowledge of studies into mass vaccination in other states, according to the spokeswoman according to APA. It has not been reported how the man was doing and whether he was examined by doctors.

Source: Krone


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