Unauthorized passage – Because you do not refuel, you have lost 270 euros


Not refueling can also be expensive: if you use the gas station on Brünner Strasse in Vienna, you risk a hefty fine.

A gas station with more than 100 online reviews has to score with exceptional service, extremely low prices, a highly visible location with a high customer frequency or some other unique selling point. The latter is probably the case with the one in Floridsdorf.

Criticism is raining online
Reading the comments, it quickly becomes clear that anyone who drives into this area really needs to fill their tank – otherwise a letter from the lawyer threatens to transfer 270 euros. This also happened to a “Krone” reader in May: “I come from outside Vienna and actually wanted to go to the neighboring car dealership. Unfortunately, I turned down a driveway too early. When I noticed, I drove back to Brünner Straße. ”

That was enough to get a letter from a lawyer just under six weeks later. 270 euros would then be owed for unauthorized passage.

Always blockages
In any case, the “Krone” asked: Ghost drivers and parkers repeatedly caused problems. In this way, petrol pumps or washing places are blocked. However, they try to handle the matter with a sense of proportion. What remains is the certainty: not refueling is expensive pleasure!

Source: Krone


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