Drama in Kirchberg – man (81) hit by tree while woodworking – dead


Terrible accident at work on Tuesday morning in Tyrol! An 81-year-old wanted to cut down a spruce 30 meters high. After securing and cutting the tree with a steel cable, the spruce fell and grabbed it. He later died at the accident site.

Around 10 am, the locals were alone in the forest area of ​​Kirchberg felling the 30-meter-high tree. According to the police, he secured the spar in the lower part with a steel cable. This was connected to the winch on his tractor. Then he cut the tree on the valley side with his chainsaw and made his way to the tractor.

Family members have started a search
The felled tree fell on the mountainside and caught the worker. “He suffered such serious injuries that he died at the accident site,” the investigators said. Because the man did not come home for lunch according to the appointment and could not be reached by phone, relatives started a search. In the end, they couldn’t find the body until the afternoon.

Source: Krone


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