E-Control emphasizes: – Delivery safe despite Nord Stream shutdown


The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which will bring Russian gas mainly to Germany and Northern Europe, will be serviced from Monday. As a result, less gas is stored in Austria, but the supply is secured, the regulator E-Control announced on Friday.

The gas supply will be interrupted for ten days. That is how long the routine maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline has been planned. Other challenges include missing parts, such as a turbine in Canada that has already been repaired and now has to be returned to Germany, according to government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit. If the affected Siemens Energy turbine could be used for Nord Stream 1, the Russian government would no longer have the technical problem argument to reduce supplies to Europe, the German government said. Moscow rejected the charges. No one invented repairs. Once the turbine is returned, Russia would also increase the gas supply.

Gas consumption possible
For Austria, the interruption of supply also means less natural gas from Russia. It will be possible to store less gas than in recent weeks, the regulator E-Control reported on Friday. While there may be withdrawals, current provision is assured. Austria receives the bulk of its gas supply via Ukraine, not via Nord Stream 1. Summer consumption of about four terawatt hours per month can be secured “according to current analyzes of continued gas supplies, own production and natural gas storage”. the E-Control in a mailing.

Level of 80 percent uncertain until winter
The government considers it uncertain that the domestic storage tanks will be 80 percent full by the heating season – which the government plans to do. The other supply routes should be maintained and the Nord Stream 1 should be put back into service after the announced break with almost the same capacity as before. “Of course, given the currently uncertain political situation, it cannot be predicted with certainty whether this will happen,” said the minister. The situation should be closely monitored and reassessed quickly after the scheduled maintenance time has elapsed.

Source: Krone


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