Invitations sent – Will Johnson remain prime minister alone because of the wedding?


There has been renewed commotion over a party hosted by outgoing British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson – although it has not yet taken place. Rumor has it that the Tory politician, who has fallen out of favor due to multiple scandals, is only clinging to office so long because he wants to celebrate his big wedding party at the Checkers estate. The Tudor-style mansion is reserved for the head of government and would be the reason why Johnson wants to keep this post until the fall: after all, the wedding invitations have already been sent.

Johnson and his wife Carrie were only able to celebrate on a small scale in May 2021 due to the corona pandemic. Only a garden party with 30 guests in Downing Street was possible under the circumstances. On July 30, there was to be a big party in Checkers. But to party there, he has to be prime minister.

Johnson named Checkers in resignation speech
That should be why Johnson announced he would remain prime minister until a new party leader is elected. Also, a slip of the tongue in his resignation speech suggests that he had the 16th-century mansion in mind when he stated that he would vacate his seat. He thanked his “wonderful staff here at Checkers” when he announced his resignation at his Downing Street office.

London mayor: ‘Emergency party at taxpayers’ expense’
“While we would all love to have a lavish wedding party at taxpayers’ expense in Checkers, he won’t be able to because the British public will find it abhorrent,” said Sadiq Khan, the London mayor of the opposition Labor party. smug slip of tongue.

Johnson newly appointed minister supports still prime minister
Education Minister James Cleverly, newly appointed to the cabinet by Johnson after a wave of resignations by dozens of ministers and MPs, wants to treat the outgoing prime minister to the big party at the stately estate. “I think it would be a generous gesture from a new prime minister to make it happen,” he said. There is no cost to the taxpayer, so it is “meaning” to envy two people who want to celebrate their marriage and their love for each other.

A government spokesperson denied that Johnson wants to remain in office only because of the wedding reception at Checkers. Johnson simply has a strong sense of duty and therefore wants to continue to serve his country. But within Johnson’s own party, there is an increasing demand for Johnson to resign as soon as possible.

Source: Krone


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