These are the pensions you can get if you have not contributed in 15 years


To earn 100% of the retirement pension. It will be necessary to make a donation for at least 37 years and 6 months as long as they have reached 65 years of age. If they are not told age 65, the worker will have to wait 66 years and 2 months. However, the minimum requirement for access to the subsidy is proposed .Social security By Retirement Is 15 years old. But, what if the minimum time limit set by Social Security is not set?

Workers who have not received a contribution for at least 15 years will not be able to access any kind of Contributing benefitsHowever it may be Apply for an unfavorable retirement pension. This subsidy ranges from € 100.70 per month, which is the minimum amount that can be received, up to € 402.80 per month, which is the case with a total pension.

Retirement access requirements

For this access Retirement benefits It is necessary to perform the following Requirements:

  • Less than 15 years contributed to social protection.
  • Reached the age of 65 on request for the benefit.
  • Prove that you have lived in Spain for the last 10 years in a row.
  • Do not overdo it 5639,20 Annual income of the euro in general.

amount Maximum annual income The existence of housing will depend on the number of cohabitations that exist and form a family unit. If you live with a spouse or relatives to the second degree, ie with grandparents, grandchildren, uncles or nephews, the maximum margin will increase 9586.64 Euro (two members), 13534.08 Euro (three members) or 17481,52 Euro (four or more members).

How much is a non-contributory retirement pension?

The amount received from this benefit will also depend on the pensioner’s cohabitation unit. Currently the maximum amount is 402.80 euros per month (5639.20 euros per year), per person. If there are two beneficiaries in the family unit, the pension will be reduced to 342.38 euros per person. If there are three or more beneficiaries in the same household, the amount will be 322.24 euros per month.

In General budgets of the stateAlso, one collected Reassessment of non-income pensions By 3% by 2022, so revenue will increase slightly and leave a maximum of € 414.86 per month.

Source: El Diario


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