jellyfish as food? We have tasted for you…


High temperatures and a lack of predators are causing – see video – a veritable jellyfish infestation in the Mediterranean. With painful consequences for swimmers when they encounter the cnidarians. One way to deal with the invasion of invertebrates is to eat them: jellyfish don’t taste bad at all…

Snakes, kangaroos, sea snails or crocodiles: editor Dominik Erlinger is open to many things when he tries new dishes on vacation. After all, the best way to get to know foreign cultures is at the dinner table. A few years ago on the menu: jellyfish.

A nice gentleman in the South Vietnamese town of Bac Lieu returned from his pantry with a mysterious mason jar. At first glance, the elongated, transparent contents were somewhat reminiscent of peeled and finely chopped gherkins.

Interesting consistency, little own taste?
When asked what’s in the glass, the gentleman replied with a grin, “Jellyfish”. He looked excitedly at the European at the tasting. Of course, jellyfish are not the prettiest sight and a very exotic thing to an Austrian palate. But: The sea creatures don’t taste bad.

Consistency: Crispy to the bite, softens quickly when chewed. Again memories of our Gurkerl were awakened. The dreaded sliminess did not appear. In terms of taste, a pickled jellyfish is quite neutral. It takes on the flavor of the brine it is soaked in, with a hint of salty sea aroma.

Pickling jellyfish has a long tradition
The preparation method has a long tradition in Asia: the jellyfish only becomes edible in the brine, other preparation methods quickly reach their limits with jellyfish. When boiled, the animals turn into a slimy jelly, when baked, they dry out.

If you like it spicier, the pickled jellyfish can also be processed further. For example, jellyfish salad is popular in Asia and can also be found in one or the other Chinese restaurant in this country. With some soy sauce, sesame, chili, coriander and garlic, jellyfish make a tasty dish for hot days.

Jellyfish soon on the menu in Europe?
In view of the plague in the Mediterranean, consumption is also being discussed more intensively here in Germany: two years ago the first European jellyfish cookbook was published as part of the European research project “Go Jelly”.

In it, the animals are touted as a topping for potatoes, for example:

The main food source for sea turtles is considered fairly healthy: According to “Deutschlandfunk,” jellyfish — not all species are edible — contain no fat or cholesterol, but protein, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Source: Krone


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