Ukraine counts 17,300 Russian attacks on civilian targets


UN and European Union declare themselves “horrified” as fear grows for more than 350,000 civilians still trapped at the front

Ukraine has registered 17,314 attacks on civilian targets since the start of the war on February 24. On the contrary, he claims that Russia has only aimed its missiles at strictly military targets 300 times. Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin released this data yesterday, compiled in a self-commissioned report on the increase in bombings of residential buildings, civic centers and shopping centers that killed 100 people in three weeks. have demanded.

Some analyzes believe that the number of military properties attacked is deficient. The underestimation in this case would be in response to the government’s tactic of keeping classified data that could be used by the Kremlin to verify its effectiveness in combat. Instead, civil damages are considered valid in an international community that, through organizations such as the UN and the EU, is “horrified” at “atrocities” such as those in Vinnnitsa on Thursday. The latter balance increases to 23 civilians – including three minors – and 8 missing among the ruins of the buildings destroyed during this bombardment. Eighty injured people are still in hospital.

Yesterday, Jenin expressed his belief that only those who intend to “destroy the Ukrainians” fight like this. Almost confirming his words, the government announced a new offensive in Mikolaiv, where Russian artillery fired ten rockets at two university centers. The events took place before 8 a.m. while the facilities were empty. Rescue teams reported finding two injured civilians and continuing to clear debris in search of possible victims. Kiev called the attack an “act of terrorism”.

The United Nations does not hide its fear of civil catastrophe. Although it is estimated that a large part of the population has fled the war zones, 350,000 inhabitants remain on the front line. Bajmut, Sloviansk and Kramatorsk have become a very dangerous triangle, where 50 civilians died in May while waiting their turn to board a train that would take them out of hell. In Sloviansk, an attempt to remove nearly a thousand inhabitants failed yesterday due to incessant Russian artillery fire.

The UN has verified that 5,200 civilians were killed in the fighting, but admits that this is just the tip of a terrifying iceberg. The specialist NGO Center for Information Resilience has announced that it has detected a remarkable increase in burials in the Donbas area based on the analysis of satellite images taken in this region over the past year and a half. He has studied six areas. Between October 21, 2021 and March 28, the first month of fighting over, 1,000 new graves have been found at Starokrymske Cemetery.

An additional 1,841 graves have appeared in the photos taken around Mariúpol between March 28 and June 29. “Our report reveals the extreme and ongoing pressure being placed on the lives of citizens,” the organization said. Impromptu burials and the increasing number of graves, especially in occupied territories, are striking evidence of the number of civilian deaths.”

Vinnitsa. Russia reported yesterday that its target in the last city to be fatally hit by its missiles was a military center – the House of Officers – where, according to its version, commanders of the Ukrainian Air Force held a meeting with foreign arms suppliers for the transfer of a batch. aircraft and ammunition. The Zelensky Executive has denied this theory. All that is certain is that the bombs blew up the House of Officers and three other nearby buildings, including a pediatric neurology clinic where Victoria Rekuta, 35, and her son Maksym Zhori, 7, were waiting. None of them survived the blow. “Maksym can only be recognized by DNA. Everyone should know that people in Ukraine die when they go to get bread, go to the doctor or even when they are on the street,” a family friend complained yesterday.

A large number of Ukrainians from other regions live in Vinnitsa because until now it was considered a safe city untouched by war. That is why they ended up there with their relatives Iryna Dmitrieva, 33, and her daughter Liza. At 9:35 am, the little girl, 4 years old and with Down syndrome, appeared happy and carefree with big strides as she pushed her infant seat in a video recorded by her mother on her cellphone. At 10:45 am it’s all over for her. The cart and its bloodied body are depicted in a photo that travels the world and sums up the dramatic Ukrainian reality. Iryna is in the hospital. Very serious. One of the messages she wrote before the bombing can be read on social networks: “I am the mother of an angel.”

Source: La Verdad


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