Screen collapsed – paraglider crashed, got stuck in gondola


Paragliding accident in Tyrol: The glider collapsed, resulting in a spiral fall. Eventually, the pilot’s parachute got stuck in a gondola.

The conditions under which a German (37) wanted to exercise his free time were actually good. On Saturday afternoon, he gets ready to take off with a borrowed paraglider on the Unterberghorn in Kössen, Tyrol. The thermals were good, he quickly gained altitude. But suddenly the glider collapsed on the left, at a height of several hundred meters.

Parachute unstable and uncontrollable
A spiral dive ensued, the lines became entangled and the pilot quickly lost altitude. The pilot quickly deployed his emergency parachute. But the plane became unstable and could no longer be controlled. The man flew into the cable of the Unterberghornbahn gondola below the mountain station. Both the parachute and rescue parachute got caught in the cable car suspension cable and eventually in the pulleys on an elevator support.

The train stopped for an hour
Fortunately, the story had a light-hearted ending: the man was unharmed. He was rescued by two men from the mountain rescue service Kössen and brought safely into the valley. The elevator operation stopped for an hour. The paraglider was a total loss.

Source: Krone


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