Jeweler in Kufstein – Suspects investigated after attempted robbery


A few days after the attempted robbery of a jewelry store in Kufstein, two suspects have now been arrested. As has been suggested, the suspects are young men.

Those were frightening moments for the shop assistant when she was threatened by two masked men on Wednesday afternoon. However, she did not comply with the demand for money and instead attacked the two robbers with a crutch. They eventually fled. A search for the two initially turned up nothing.

As police now report, extensive investigations have identified an 18-year-old Afghan and a 16-year-old Austrian as suspected perpetrators. “The two suspects were arrested on Sunday by officials of the Kufstein Police Station with the support of a SIG (Schnelle-Interventions-Gruppe) patrol,” the director said.

They were taken to the Innsbruck prison. The 16-year-old confessed, the 18-year-old did not want to comment on the accusation.

Source: Krone


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