Asier Martinez: "A medal is wonderful, I don’t know how to describe it"


Navarrese, medalist of 100 meter copper barrier nasa Eugene’s worldsaid he felt “incredible” and hard to describe after reaching the podium in a perfect career where he achieved the best time of his life (13.17).

The Spanish athlete the brass was hung when it reached the finish line behind the Americans Grant Hollowaywho revalidated the title with 13.03, and Trey Cunningham (13.17).

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Two of the contenders for the podium were left in the final. the jamaican Hansle ParchmentOlympic champion, was injured in the warm-up, and American Devon Allen was disqualified for a wrong start of one thousandth of a second.

“This is being incredible, I still can’t assimilate what happened. At that moment where I said that Parchment had retired and Devon Allen’s zero start was the microsecond where I thought more of not a medal, but a more pleasant position for me ”, confessed Asier Martínez, in end of the Exam.

“That’s when I’m really putting more effort into it and trying to get the best possible career to get to the harder places first. I’m grateful to everyone who helped me get here and I’m happy. I think I ‘I’ve got this medal but also don’t have to deny that there are good favorites that for one reason or another have failed”, he acknowledged.

“Before coming, I signed the last one very happy. In fact, overcoming the semifinals has been calming to me because I have more than accomplished. Now having a medal is incredible. I don’t know how to describe this moment, I still don’t believe it. ”

Source: La Verdad


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