Is dismissal now? Italy: Draghi government loses majority


The curtain falls on the Draghi government in Rome. At the end of a dramatic day in the Senate, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi won a confidence vote but lost his government majority. Draghi won the confidence vote by 95 votes to 38.

However, the three major coalition parties Five Stars, Lega and Forza Italia did not participate in the confidence vote. Draghi’s plans to keep his coalition together after a government crisis last week to remain in power until the end of the legislature in spring 2023 failed.

Italy heads for new elections
Draghi, who has been in office since February 2021, is now expected to visit President Sergio Mattarella and tender his resignation. It may take a few days for Mattarella to decide how to proceed.

Italy is now heading for new elections in the autumn, which is unique in the country where elections have always been held in the spring. Possible election dates are September 25 or October 2.

Source: Krone


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