Dispute escalated: – Hated neighbor who was hard of hearing after being beaten


Dispute escalated: – Hated neighbor who was hard of hearing after being beaten

It is apparently a dispute between two entrepreneurs that has escalated for years. The two work in the same industry and their business premises are adjacent. A 50-year-old man from Graz is accused. He allegedly punched his hated neighbor in the ear. “I lost my nerves.” But it was just a slap in the face. Since then, the 56-year-old has been mildly hearing impaired and suffers from tinnitus. Grazer accepted the fine.

“His nerves continued,” emphasized the defendant’s lawyer in court on Wednesday. But the victim is partly responsible for the many provocations.

“What happened there?” Judge Helmut Wlasak wants to know. “Unfortunately, he has the ability to provoke,” said the suspect. Because the neighbor would film and photograph everything, follow his employees and throw garbage on the neighbor’s property. “And why?” asks Wlasak further. “I have no idea. At first I thought because of the competition. But I don’t think so anymore, because he also films privately.”

“Certainly don’t hit with a fist!”
The attack came because he was provoked again. “I was cleaning up messes that would definitely belong to him. And he looked at me with a big grin and teased me.” Yes, he admits, he hit him, but certainly not with his fist.

Expert: “Hearing loss in the inner ear”
The victim denies the allegations. “There is nothing from my side. I have distanced myself.” He doesn’t know why the suspect was screaming so loudly at that moment. “It all happened very quickly.” He has suffered from tinnitus ever since. The expert also certifies hearing loss in the inner ear.

“It always takes two people to argue,” emphasizes Judge Helmut Wlasak. “Nevertheless, an impairment of physical integrity cannot be tolerated.” The (non-final) verdict: 7,200 euros, half of which is conditional. The 50-year-old immediately accepts.

Source: Krone


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