Resistance also in Upper Austria – Vorarlberg and Tyrol against tents for asylum seekers


The flow of asylum seekers is causing major problems with their housing in Austria. As with the 2015 refugee crisis, migrants have to be housed in tents. According to the Federal Support Service (BBU), construction should have already started, but in Tyrol and Vorarlberg they don’t want tents. People look for buildings and offer them. There is also resistance in Upper Austria.

“The preparations for Tyrol are still in full swing. I don’t expect to get that far this weekend,” explained Thomas Fussenegger of BBU when asked by “Krone”.

“No concrete tent setups on weekends”
“With regard to the reception of refugees, the state of Tyrol has proactively contacted the federal government. The state is trying to show the federal government possible alternatives to tents as accommodation options. There is also a meeting of the task force migration in the Landhaus next week. in Innsbruck. According to the current state of knowledge, there are no concrete tent constructions in Tyrol this weekend,” the state of Tyrol explained in a statement.

No tents in Vorarlberg
“We will not pitch tents in Vorarlberg. After talks with the Minister of the Interior, no tents are currently being set up in Vorarlberg nationwide,” says provincial councilor Christian Gantner (ÖVP). In addition, there is a particular focus on including more asylum seekers in the basic care of the state.

Difficult to search for quarters
Searching for quarters is very difficult in Vorarlberg right now, Gantner said. Unfortunately, the willingness to help among the population has declined sharply and the housing market is very tight. Currently, 1,999 refugees from Ukraine are housed in 77 communities in Vorarlberg. Half of them in private rooms. The state of Vorarlberg currently meets the admission quota of almost 70 percent with 2,793 asylum seekers and displaced persons.

Resistance from Upper Austria
There is massive opposition to the tent plans in Upper Austria, particularly in the 4,800-population community of St. Georgen im Attergau, where tents were to be set up Saturday on federal government property at the existing first shelter. The community mayor, Ferdinand Aigner (ÖVP), reportedly wants to fight back.

“We’ll Fight Back”
150 young men already live in the center for first care. The former Rupp sanatorium housed 70 orphans from Ukraine. Setting up ten more tents for a maximum of 100 people is too much, according to Aigner. He has worked with all factions in the community and the mayors of neighboring communities. “We will fight back. We will look at the situation on Monday and then we will know how. If necessary, we will block the highway.” Other communities should act as well, and accommodation in tents was also “reprehensible in terms of human rights”.

“Hauruck action” causes resentment
The announcement of the tent accommodation had also caused dissatisfaction in Carinthia. The Klagenfurt Immigration Police facility on Ebentaler Strasse was enlarged in a “hit-bang” operation and 160 refugees were occupied without informing the city and state in advance, according to the allegation. Interior Minister Karner has now finally lost Carinthia’s confidence, responsible regional councilor Sara Schaar (SPÖ) criticized on Friday, pointing out that Carinthia is meeting its housing quota (without Ukrainians) to nearly 100 percent.

“These tents are monuments to total failure”
And the opposition is also not happy with the tents for various reasons. “These tents are ‘monuments to the utter failure’ of this federal government and Home Secretary Karner. You have led our country with your eyes wide open in the same circumstances as we know them from the disaster year 2015 and which will get worse,” said FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl, sending an immediate suspension of the right to asylum and real border protection, including the legalization of denials Migrants who have entered the country illegally should be accommodated in departure centers.

Source: Krone


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