Fled because of a witness – Innsbruck: man wanted to abuse girls


Incredible act early Monday night in Innsbruck! An unknown assailant allegedly attempted to attack a young girl. The incident was apparently foiled by a passerby. A witness is now being sought to confirm the victim’s statements.

The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. Near the Inn promenade near the West training center for health professions, the perpetrator wanted to attack his victim – an underage boy. He left the girl and fled after a passing witness threatened to call the police.

Police are looking for a witness
Because the boy initially did not want to call the police, the witness left the crime scene. “A little later, the victim himself went to the management,” it sounded at the request of the “Krone”. The witness is now being sought so that she can supplement or confirm the information provided by the victim.

The woman is described as being around 50 years old. She had hair that was not quite chin length, dyed gray on the top half and blonde on the bottom half. She was wearing a red shirt and red glasses. She walked on a leash with her little white dog with brown spots.

The management requests the witness to report to the SPK Innsbruck Criminal Service: 059133/753333

Source: Krone


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