Alcohol and Drugs – 200 km/h escape from Maserati ends in Vorarlberg


What started Wednesday afternoon with an expensive but supposedly harmless “parking threshold” in a parking lot on the German A96 motorway then developed into a cinematic chase between the driver of a Maserati and the police. Which eventually came to an end in Vorarlberg.

The 41-year-old driver of a semi-trailer had overlooked the Maserati while maneuvering in the parking lot and backed into it, resulting in property damage totaling around €10,000. When the 26-year-old Maserati driver noticed that the truck driver wanted to call the police to document the accident, he left the accident scene in his PS sample and drove back onto the A96.

When two police patrols then tried to check the Maserati on the autobahn, the driver ignored the stop signals, accelerated to well above 200 km/h and ran across the border to Vorarlberg. After more than 50 kilometers on the run, the sports car was finally stopped by Austrian police, who had been notified of the fugitive by their German colleagues and asked for official help.

The reason for the frenzied escape was apparently that the Maserati driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and was also in possession of narcotics.

Source: Krone


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