Activists stuck themselves on paintings by Botticelli


Two activists have used the world-famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence to protest climate change. Amid a crowd of tourists, a man and a young woman stuck their palms to the protective pane of Botticelli’s painting “Primavera” (“Spring”) before the two were led away by summoned carabinieri.

An explosion by three “last generation” climate activists caused a stir at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence on Friday morning.

Two activists stuck to an unfolded banner for Botticelli’s masterpiece, demanding an immediate halt to the restart of decommissioned coal plants, scrapping plans for new sources to explore and extract natural gas, and instead focus on expanding solar and wind power. . spring”.

The carabinieri intervened, expelling the protesters, accusing them of disrupting a public service, resisting an official, demonstrating illegally and damaging or damaging property, La Nazione reports.

No damage has been done to the artwork. The initiative is part of a wider international protest by climate activists.

Source: Krone


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